Interest points

The Azores archipelago is considered a “paradise on earth” due to its natural and stuning beauty, which gives us many interest points to visit.
The island of São Miguel, the largest island of this archipelago, is full of places that you can not miss!
Check out some of the many attraction points you might find around CK Events:

Vila Franca Islet

Small volcanic islet, distant about 500 meters from the coast of Vila Franca. During the summer, boat trips are made to get to the islet. It is an isolated place where you can enjoy a natural beach and have a very good time.

Our Lady of Peace Hermitage

Located on the top of Monte de Nossa Senhora da Paz, in Vila Franca do Campo, it has a panoramic view of the south coast of the island. Built in 1764 it dates back to a more primitive temple, possibly erected in the 16th century. It's a place you can't miss ond your stay in Vila Franca!

Whales and Dolphins watching

Azores are currently one of the world’s largest whale and dolphin sanctuaries. You can't go to Azores and miss this unique experience!

Fogo Lagoon

Lagoa do Fogo is one of the largest lagoons in the Azores and the second largest on the island of São Miguel, and has been classified since 1974 as a nature reserve.The volcanic caldera is the youngest of São Miguel island and it has been formed about 15,000 years ago. You will have access to the lagoon by a hiking trail. It's an unique and unforgettable place.

Poça da Dona Beija

Located in Furnas, it's a place you can enjoy unique moments of relaxation in hot springs. An obligatory experience during your stay in Azores.

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Vinha d'Areia beach

This is one of the most beautifull beaches in Vila Franca do Campo.It's about 320 meters long, with clear sand, and Vila Franca do Campo islet in front. You can take a bath while enjoying a privileged view of the islet.

Água de Pau beach

Another beautiful beach located in Lagoa, a parish near Vila Franca do Campo.